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Underground Built Heritage Valorisation. A Handbook, edited by Giuseppe Pace and Renata Salvarani, Rome. CNR Edizioni, 2021 Series: Heritage and Community Identity, 1 Format: 15×21,

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Books & Media

Interested readers and researchers in cultural heritage and especially dedicated to underground built heritage may find interesting the following titles: 1. The Conservation of Subterranean

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Working Group 5

Scientific communication’s challenge in the midst of the pandemic crisis and on the eve of the final steps of Underground4value has imposed on WG5 an

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Working Group 4

Altogether 17 participants discussed lively in our WG4 plenary session. This is the highest number of participants ever and is taken as a positive indicator

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Working Group 3

The main goal of the Murcia Meeting for WG3 was to identify a strategy of how to valorise Underground Built Heritage (UBH). The first step

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Working Group 2

On the morning of November 18, 2020, we start the meeting discussing on two main technologies for UBH non-invasive and onsite monitoring. On the one

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Working Group 1

The COST Action meeting in Murcia has provided a useful medium to review WG1 tasks. WG1 basically focuses on defining a framework to determine the

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