MURCIA Second U4V Training School

The Second Training School of the COST Action 18110 – Underground Built Heritage as a catalyzer for Community Valorisation will be held in Murcia next 20-24 September 2021. The event is planned to be face-to-face, health circumstances permitting. If the conditions are not optimal to celebrate the School in person, it will be held online. The School will take place at the Faculty of Labor of the University of Murcia.

The School aims to train new skills for planners, decision-makers, promoters, and local development facilitators. The training school will offer innovative approaches to surveys, analyses, monitoring and testing Underground Built heritage (UBH) regarding Historic Urban Landscape (HUL), fostering the uptake of the latest tools for empowering local communities, also as for supporting planners and decision-makers.

The training school is addressed to planners, local community facilitators, promoters, and decision-makers working on underground built heritage and community engagement for its conservation, monitoring and valorization. The Call for Applicants for the Second Underground4Value Training School will be open soon till June 30th, 2021.
The School is organized as follows. During the morning, trainees will attend lectures that are structured into three main topics:

(1) Underground Built Heritage valorization: Planning and Management;

(2) UBH concepts, structures, classification, and ontology;

(3) Assessment and monitoring tools for UBH conservation.

The School is based on scientific approaches and the lectures are researchers and professionals of the underground with a high level of expertise. The School put special effort in offering a transversal approach to UBH, mixing regional sciences, urban geography, computer sciences, and economic policy, all with an essential dose of disciplines in the humanities, for considering cultural issues.

In the afternoon sessions, participants will work in small groups on a particular project of a real UBH case. They will be guided by a tutor who knows the UBH case; the lectures will accompany the trainees also during their study to give them support and provide extra help. Each group will defend their project on the last day in front of a jury.

The School offers an excellent opportunity to develop new job profiles on cultural planning, strategic spatial planning, transition planning, and management. The training will provide a striking accent to acquire techniques and knowledge to pro-mote the interaction with local communities, disseminate innovative thinking, and methodologies for supporting the exploration of other social trajectories in an adaptive, forward looking manner.