WG 5

Dissemination and Exploitation Strategies

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Leader: Renata Salvarani

European University of Rome (IT)


Co-Leader: Charalampos Baniotopoulos

University of Birmingham (UK)

The WG coordinates all dissemination activities including development and maintenance of the Action’s website, publication of newsletters and articles, and organization of public engagement events. In addition, it develops and tests a methodological approach for UBH promotion – by setting up an initial dissemination package for the first four case studies – and then implementing it on yearly base. This WG consolidates an exchange programme for members of staff, devise a specification of competences needs for the training schools, and put together all the findings and outcomes of the Action. The training schools will integrate a procedure for testing and validating of new training and learning methods. Research-based training will be employed while engaging with young talents. Running Short Term Scientific Missions for supporting small teams in on-site assessments of case studies, in a close interaction with the local partner. Special attention will be paid to promote culture and gender balance, enabling early career investigators to learn, and broaden geographical inclusiveness.


  • Charalampos Baniotopoulos (UK)
  • Tony Cassar (MT)
  • Andrea Cirman (SI)
  • Silvia Corlăteanu-Granciuc (MD)
  • Daniela De Gregorio (IT)
  • Agisilaos Economou (GR)
  • Idamaria Fusco (IT)
  • Matej Krzic (SI)
  • Artan Hysa (AL)
  • Olga Lo Presti (IT)
  • Isabel Lousada (PT)
  • Christine Kotaros (BE)
  • Susana Martínez Rodriguez (ES)
  • Bahanur Nasya (AT)
  • Florin Nemtanu (RO)
  • Tatjana Pivac (RS)
  • Renata Salvarani (IT)
  • Aelita Skaržauskiené (LT)
  • Klaudia Tvergyak (HU)
  • Dov Winer (IL)


WG Meetings results

Ancona, June 6-7th

WG5 meeting, leaded by Florin Nemtanu, provided relevant tools for the Action communication. Results are summarised as follow:

The discussion was on how to find the ways for a better dissemination and exploitation activity and to increase the visibility on social media channels. All members are encouraged to be part of the Facebook group. Another way is to be focused on professional social media (at least 2):

  • The LinkedIn group is also available – the same kind remark to all members to join it and be active.
  • A Researchgate project is online and we have the opportunity to add valuable things there.

An account on Instagram will be opened soon. The members are encouraged to send pictures related to the underground places and to create a depository of pictures with all meta data of these pictures.

Another proposal is to establish a YouTube channel and after every meeting, the Action Chair and the communication team will provide to the team movies and pictures to update the content of the channel.

Olga Lo Presti, who is the responsible to maintain the website updated, presented the state of the website. The website of the action is online and the link between the webpage and the LinkedIn and Facebook groups are ready done.

The dissemination through conferences and scientific and academic events – there is a list with these conferences and the members of the action are invited to contribute with more conferences and events. Information and scientific articles are well accepted as dissemination vehicles for our action. For scientific articles, Open Access publications will be targeted.

Newsletter – 1 newsletter every semester, simple structure and the logo and identity signs – a draft was already proposed. The newsletter content is:  the topics, the message of the chair, the message of the editor (Renata Salvarani), announcements, short articles, calendar of the action.

Webinar – films from training schools – and from early carrier researchers – Tony Cassar will provide technical assistance.

Working Document

COST18110 Presentation WG5 Ancona