Case Studies

U4V adopts a case-study approach in order to favour the comparison of similar UBH in different economic, social, political and cultural contexts, testing common practices and/or similar financial schemes as a proxy of existing benchmarks and/or strong cultural influences in planning and development.

In addition, going on-field helps U4V to interact with local communities, disseminate innovative thinking and support them to explore alternative social trajectories in an adaptive, forward-looking manner.

This activity is carried out during STSMs, workshops and in particular in the training schools, where trainers and trainees work together on specific topics, producing a yearly publication.

A “Knowledge-base for  case-studies”, with investigation methodology, history background, bibliography, main stakeholders, problems, perspectives  can be downloaded here

Every year, the MC selects four case studies from a list of candidated sites.

Case studies 2019-2020

Case studies 2020-2021

For candidating your site, please mail to the Action Chair


Case Study Map