Underground4value Radio Broadcasts

Underground treasures in Carinthia (AT)

Margan Kalb takes us on a journey through Carinthia (AUSTRIA) and describes the main underground sights. The main ones, which she is elaborating on, are: Obir-Tropfsteinhöhle, Eggerloch, Hemmaberg, Hüttenberg. She is geomancer and experienced all these grottos by herself and gives the audience advice what is important to know before exploring the underground treasures. 



Dolmen of Antelas (PT)

Chao Wang and Carmen Solano talk about the Dolmen of Antelas, an ancient building that was restored in Portugal. Both are researchers and come from different scientific fields. Chao is originally from China and now studying and working in Ireland and Carmen is from Mexico, now working in Spain, so the interdisciplinary, intercultural work field is also one of our topics. 



Susanna Martinez Rodriguez

We are talking with Susanna about her new book “Valorización del patrimonio subterráneo y dinamización de la comunidad. El caso de La Union”. She is the editor and collected a lot of different stories in the context of the famous flamenco festival “Cante de la Minas” in La Unión. As main story, there is the initiator’s granddaughter, which wrote one of the chapters about her work as a local artist. 



Giuseppe Pace

Giuseppe Pace is the chair of COST action “Underground4value”. This is a project where about 200 people from more than 30 countries take part and believe in the importance of underground heritage as a resource for the local communities. Giuseppe is the one who leads the project to a success and guides all the people from different disciplines, backgrounds, and experience. We talk about his favourite underground places and the future about this project. 



Underground Treasures of Europe

This broadcast is a collection of 3 very interesting underground treasures in Europe. We talk with Shirley Cefai about the emergency underground flour mills in Malta, which were built during cold war for a possible nuclear war. Then, we interview Mia Trentin about another island in Europe: Cyprus and the specific case of Ayia Napa, where nice beaches and nightlife surround the Ayia Napa Monastery, a religious underground treasure. Finally in the third part we talk with Ernesto Marcheggiani about the underground buildings of the small city of Camerano (Italy).  



Bahanur Nasya

This broadcast is about the COST action “Underground4value”. Bahanur Nasya shows us the different parts of this action and talks about her role as Austrian representative. She is engaged in multiple architecture projects and runs the association wonderland.