NEWS from the STSMs

Robert Olbrycht

Robert Olbrycht is  a Ph.D. fellow from Poland. His reasearch areas are multispectral and hyperspectral thermography,  thermographic investigation of civil engineering,  optical gas detection and imaging,  non-destructive testing using thermal imaging.

After earning a M.Sc. and at Lodz University of Technology in Poland, he has been working there as assistant professor since 2012.

Previously, he worked as independent technical referee and senior technical referee.

Robert’s scientific research counts 19 papers indexed by ISI Web of Science, h-index = 6 and 81 Citations (verified on 22.07.2022 with Web of Science).

He achieved gold medals for the co-authored invention “Optomechatronic method for continuous inspection of an abrasive blasting quality”, international invention exhibitions, 2017 and Awards for scientific and research activity from Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering.

Riva San Vitale Baptistery

The images below are about a research that Robert Olbrycht did with prof. Francesca Piqué during the STSM during the mapping of painting delaminations in Riva San Vitale Baptistery. It is the most ancient Christian monument still in existence in Switzerland.

The building dates back to the 6th century (500 A.D. +) and was built at what was then ground level, which is below today’s level. Delamination images are obtained with active thermography using lock-in approach.