The first seminar Ways of perceiving and interpreting Cultural Heritage will held September 14th 2023 from 15 to 18, at the Conference Hall of the CNR Naples Humanities Hub (Via C. Guglielmo Sanfelice 8, 80134 Naples, Italy). Welcomed by Massimo Clemente, Director of IRISS-CNR, the seminar will be moderated by Renata Salvarani, European University of Rome, with presentations of Carmen Granito (Interpret Europe), Susana Martínez-Rodríguez (University of Murcia), and Giuseppe Pace (IRISS-CNR).

To enhance the value of cultural heritage, it is necessary to contextualise it to its community. To this end, the seminar introduces a new discipline, heritage interpretation, not limited to the creation of guiding and accompanying activities for visitors or innovative educational tools, but open to activating local communities towards original re-readings of their heritage. With both theoretical and experimental contributions, the seminar will finally discuss how international organisations are engaging in stimulating participatory processes for the creation of sustainable local interpretation practices.