Cost Action 18110 – Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation

About Underground4Value


Promoting Underground Built Heritage as a valuable resource to celebrate and preserve and, when sustainable, to re-use and valorise, realising its full potential to support local communities’ development

Case studies

Göreme - Capadoccia Turkey. Central Anatolia plateau, settled in a moonlike landscape of giant rock cones, housing historic cave-dwellings and Byzantine churches. UNESCO List 1985
La Union - Murcia. Historical mining site (3000 years) linked to the flamenco dance tradition, celebrated in the International Flamenco Songs of the Mine Festival. UNESCO List 2009
Naples - Italy. More than 800 Modern Ages tuff caves used to build the city centre, 3000 water cisterns, 180 km of aqueducts and tunnels, catacombs, cemeteries, tombs, air-raid shelters, partially used as touristic attraction and partially reconverted. UNESCO List 1995
Postojna - Slovenia. Multilevel caves (> 20.5 km) with historic entrances, unique habitat for troglobitic species, example of regeneration and valorisation. UNESCO submitted 2015