The latest artistic practices in the post-industrial spaces in Europe

The main mission of the project, ideated and coordinated by Aleksandra Khalepa, is to explore the impact of co-creation practices in underground locations for the development of art communities. As part of the mission, the project collected research on post-industrial locations and digital art practices by conducting a series of events in a hybrid (online and offline) format.

In that way, several locations for research were selected, namely: 

  • “Villa Arson” and “La Station” in Nice, France
  • “Moos Garden” in Berlin, Germany
  • “Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.” in Stuttgart, Germany
  • “UKRAINATV studio” in Krakow, Poland
  • “Zō Centro Culture Contemporanee” in Catania, Italy

The project was ideated to support Carbon Art Residency community. To that purpose, Aleksandra invited artists to make together an event (performance, discussion, talk artist) which was simultaneously held in each of the partners’ locations in a hybrid format (live at the location and online in zoom, Instagram). List of the artists participating to the project: Oleksandr Sirous, Andriy But, Pavlo Sirko, Vlad Kononok, Pavlo Bestuzhev, Yaroslav Kostenko, Vartan Markarian, Iryna Vorona, Pavlo Blatazyuk, and others.

As a result, we have gained access to concrete data, tools and methods for studying the latest artistic practices in the post-industrial spaces of our partners, expanded our network of international contacts and are developing long-term cooperation.

Idea of the workshop is to share these artistic practices in underground locations, to ask to the participants of preparing a 5-minute presentation of their projects to get acquainted to each other.

Alexandra Khalepa, is an architect, organizer, co-organizer, coordinator of more than 200 events aimed at revitalizing 3 locations in Kyiv. She launched a series of laboratories on new media art, sound art and performative practices. Founder of NGO Carbon Art Residency, co-founder of the International Performance Festival Carbonarium, Carbon Media Art Fest, VJ platform and a series of trainings and workshops. 

As result of the workshop, Oleksandra would like to create a small community for further projects and deliver together a short guideline for developing underground art spaces.


  • 8:00 Introduction to “The latest artistic practices in the post-industrial spaces in Europe”
  • 18:10 Carbon art residency project in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 18:30 UKRAINATV studio in Krakow, Poland
  • 18:50 Villa Arson and La Station in Nice, France 
  • 19:10 Sharing 5-minute presentations among participants 
  • 19:40 Conducting common guideline for development art spaces
  • 20:00 Q&A session, conclusions 

ZOOM platform, December 15th, 2022
Time: 18:00 – 20:00 (CET)

Zoom: Passcode: 573983

 For the webinar please contact: 

Aleksandra Khalepa

Giuseppe Pace