Europeana 2022: Making Digital Culture Count

Europeana 2022 will offer the opportunity to discuss and hear from experts on some of the biggest topics in digital cultural heritage today.

Day one will see us explore how we can build the data space for cultural heritage. On day two find out how storytelling, cultural heritage, and digital come together to connect institutions with audiences and with the trends, hot topics and major issues of today. On Day three hear from EuropeanaTech on how technology paves the way to digital inclusion and cultural heritage preservation


You have two options to book your ticket;

  1. Do you want to attend online? That’s free to everyone and tickets are unlimited!  
  2. Do you want to join us in The Hague? Europeana Network Association members receive a 50% discount on the sale price at time of purchase (ie 50% off early bird price).

From next week tickets will go on general sale, for the Early Bird price of 150€. Tickets are limited, will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, and we expect them to go quickly.

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