Facts and figures

Facts and figures 2022


Member Countries’ Progress

Member countries accepting the Action passed from 10 (December 2018) to 22 (April 2019) and finally 28 (September 2019). In addition, since November 2019, a Near Neighbourhood Country, Tunisia, and an International Partner Country, Mexico, jointed the Action.


Participants’ Evolution

Passing from the initial 49 co-proposers (November 2018) to 85 at the kick-off (April 2019), to 155 participants at the end of the first year (April 2020), and to 187 at the end of second annual period (October 2021), participation grew almost four times in the first two years.


ITC Participation

The ITC participation was very high since beginning, with 41%, and went up to 51% at the kick off meeting, to 57% at the end of second period.


ECI Participation

Early Career Investigators rate increased from the initial 10% in the proposal to 21% at the end of the first period. Since the second period, COST accounts for Young Researchers (<40 yrs old), which at October 2021 are 68, representing 36% of the total.


Gender balance

The female participation rate in the MC passed from 38,8% (proposal) to 44% at the Action kick-off, to 51% at the end of the first year, and finally to 53% end of the second period. The female participation at the meetings (Ancona, Naples, Murcia, and Lisbon) was about 51%