ITC Conference Grants


ITC Conference Grants Coordinator

Dr Zili Li

CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES 2022 CA18110 ITC conference grant call 2022 fin

Who can apply?

Any e-COST user who is a PhD student, a postdoctoral fellow, or an Early Career Investigator (ECI) (a young researcher and innovator under 40 years old, prior to the application deadline April 30th, 2022), whose study/employment status must be proved by his/her home institution located in an ITC (Inclusiveness Target Country) or in an NNC (Near Neighbour Country) can submit an application request for an ITC Conference Grant.

The application should be submitted at least 30 days before the conference start date.

How to apply

The applicant encodes an ITC CG application by loging into e-COST and clicking on the ITC Conference Grants tab. The tab ‘ITC Conference Grants’ will not be available in the following cases:

  • If the applicant’s e-COST profile is incomplete, they will first have to fill in the missing information (affiliation, education details, CV)
  • If the primary affiliation of the applicant is not in an ITC country
  • If the Education details of the applicant do not demonstrate that (s)he is a PhD student or an ECI

Any already submitted applications are available for consultation in the applicant’s e-COST profile. To submit a new application, the applicant presses the button ‘Create Conference Grant Request’.


The Application form

It contains the following sections:

  • Applicant details
  • Conference Grant details (the attendance at the conference must start and end during the same Grant Period (GP). If a GP is not active, the applicant will not be able to submit an application.
  • Bank details
  • Financial support
  • Supporting documents (2nd page of the application also reachable by clicking on button in the upper left corner)