This document describes the dissemination and communication plan for the COST Action “Underground4value”, including the different tools, channels and means of communication that will be implemented throughout the project duration. The plan also describes the target groups of the dissemination strategy and it outlines the key dates related to planned actions and events. It contains the main strategic and operative guide that shall govern the overall action dissemination and communication activities. These guidelines will help to ensure that relevant information is shared with appropriate audiences on a timely basis by the most effective means. The dissemination activities will be continuously monitored during the action. The main objective of the communication activities is to raise awareness about the action activities, disseminate information in a consistent and coherent manner about its results, and maximize its impacts. It will formulate criteria for the exploitation strategy. Additionally, this document is a guideline for all involved stakeholders to establish their individual dissemination/exploitation plans within their local context. This is a ‘living document’ to be updated during the Action lifespan.