New Deadline: 31 July 2021!!!!

Guest Editors:

Prof. Ernesto Marcheggiani

Mr. Giuseppe Pace
Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean, National Research Council of Italy, Naples, 80134, Italy

Dear Colleagues,
This Special Issue aims at stimulating multidisciplinary papers and the cross-fertilization of knowledge among scientists (i.e., historians, architects, engineers, archaeologists, planners, geologists, etc.), practitioners, public officials, and technicians, such interdisciplinary initiatives being rather limited in the field of underground space. This issue would like to introduce tools, suitable for both neighborhood and district planning level and for single UBH interventions, very flexible for upscaling and easily replicable in different social, economic, and cultural urban regeneration contexts, characterized by different underground sites, local service demand, touristic potential, legal frameworks, and stakeholders.

Deadline for manuscript submissions:

31 July 2021

Link to the online submission: