Cost Action 18110 – Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation

WG3 Underground Built Heritage reuse and valorisation strategies

Leader: Shirley Cefai
University of Malta (MT) – ITC

Co-Leader: Ernesto Marcheggiani
Università Politecnica delle Marche (IT)

The WG reviews literatures on the link between UBH, CH and sustainable tourism, urban and rural regeneration, creative industry development, cultural entrepreneurship. It defines the methodological baseline for the community-based development strategies, identifies main research questions, and contributes to the case studies assessment preparation. Then, it analyses case studies results, compares them to the baseline, and then revises methodology, questions and results. Considering the WG nature, it privileges the interaction with local firms, practitioners, and customers, taking into account case studies and local contexts’ diversities, especially in terms of economic, institutional and human capital. Mechanisms for collaborative schemes will also be studied to understand the nature and the role of each partner involved in the process of building. The WG contributes to the training school modules preparation by revising the material on a yearly basis and finally publishing the results. 


  • Maricruz Cádiz Gómez (ES)
  • Shirley Cefai (MT)
  • Elisa Conticelli (IT)
  • Alvaro Diaz (PT)
  • Andrea Galli (IT)
  • César García (ES)
  • Laura Genovese (IT)
  • Klodiana Gorica (AL)
  • Dejan Iskra (SI)
  • Vladan Jeremic (RS)
  • Kinga Kimic (PL)
  • Sanja Kovačić (RS)
  • Oana Luca (RO)
  • Dunja Mahne (SI)
  • Ernesto Marcheggiani (IT)
  • Ognen Marina (MK)
  • Angel Pascual Martinez Soto (ES)
  • Sanjin Mihelić (HR)
  • Zoran Milovanovic (RS)
  • Rita Occhiuto (BE)
  • George Papagiannitsis (GR)
  • Tatiana Ruchinskaya (UK)
  • Ina Šuklje Erjavec (SI)
  • Carry van Lieshout (UK)