Cost Action 18110 – Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation

WG1 Knowledge Base Development

Leader: Sorin Hermon
The Cyprus Institute (CY) – ITC

Co-Leader: Roberta Varriale
CNR – Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (IT)

It defines the methodological framework for the UBH classification, establishes general criteria for selecting sites for conservation and/or reuse, identifies case studies, and structures, with other WGs’ contribution, the template for the assessment of the case studies. At the beginning, it will manage a questionnaire for the partners, for a preliminary survey on competencies and local differences. The survey will support the digital platform design as repository of knowledge, shared experiences and dissemination results. Every year, the WG will develop a knowledge base for each selected case study, by collecting historical data related to UBH, as well as major economic and social indicators to allow longitudinal analyses to be undertaken over time. Small teams, with at least one Early Career Investigator each, will be organised on annual base, for assessing on-site case studies, interacting with local stakeholders in a living lab approach, and sharing information on success stories and failures during Short Term Scientific Missions


  • Silvana Bartoletto (IT)
  • Nasso Chrysochou (CY)
  • Alberto Ferraiuolo (IT)
  • Idamaria Fusco (IT)
  • Beata Joanna Gawryszewska (PL)
  • Reuben Grima (MT)
  • Sorin Hermon (CY)
  • Salvatore Iervolino (IT)
  • Pinar Karagoz (TR)
  • Alexandra Kiss (HU)
  • Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić (RS)
  • Giovanni Lombardi (IT)
  • Miguel Pérez de Perceval (ES)
  • Preston Perluss (FR)
  • Jelena Pejovic (ME)
  • Jamal Raiyn (IL)
  • Ivan Sulc (HR)
  • Roberta Varriale (IT)