Cost Action 18110 – Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation

Living Labs

Protected spaces for developing and experimenting new practices, and promotes external landscapes (i.e. local communities independent from vested interests and the lock-ins created by lobbying and regulatory capture) (EEA 2016).

Action goal:

pursues social innovation, by empowering local communities, recognizing and respecting their cultural heritage, while co-developing innovative and traditional practices to favour more effective management and governance of multifunctional landscapes and contributing to their resilience and adaptability (G. PACE, 2019)

What they should do:

  • Operate, document, and manage strategies for fostering sustainability, innovation, learning and social inclusion at different scales
  • Encourages new forms of collaboration of key actors to develop a more favourable environment for culture, talent, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation

Living Lab preparation

  • WG4 will start developing a methodology for supporting the establishment of Living Labs in each of the case-studies
  • A number of questions will be delivered to the other WGs in order to integrate construction of meaning, local identity, technology, planning, and social innovation
  • The WG5 will contribute to the local communication with communication tools and storytelling à Living Lab Communication Package