Undergrund4value Facts and Figures

  • 01

    Member Countries’ Progress

    Member countries accepting the Action passed from 10 (December 2018) to 22 (April 2019) and finally 28 (September 2019). In addition, since November 2019, a Near Neighbourhood Country, Tunisia, and an International Partner Country, Mexico, jointed the Action.

  • 02

    Participants' Evolution

    Passing from the initial 49 co-proposers (November 2018) to 85 at the kick-off (April 2019) and finally to 155 participants at the end of the first year (April 2020), participation growth of more than three times in the first year.

  • 03

    ITC Participation

    The ITC participation was very high since beginning, with 41%, and went up to 51% at the kick off meeting, and finally to 63% in the MC. At the first WG meeting the ITC participation was 48%, still very relevant, considered the high host Italian participation

  • 04

    ECI Participation

    Early Career Investigators rate increased from the initial 10% in the proposal to the current 21%.

  • 05

    Gender balance

    The female participation rate in the MC passed from 38,8% (proposal) to 44% at the Action kick-off, and finally 51% of the total participants and the end of the first year. The female participation at the meetings (Ancona and Naples) is also about 51%

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