Editorial Board

The Editorial Board (hereafter EB) has been established after a decision of the Core Group in order to create and harmonize codes of good scientific practice and to regulate the relevant procedures for the dissemination of Underground4value results that are based on common and cooperative work.

The EB defines a Charter of good scientific practices, which will follow along with similar codes established by the COST association. In this line, the EB has clarified clear administrative rules and intellectual properties always considering the fact that Undergroun4value is based on common and cooperative work.

Its main roles are to:

  • prepare and design editorial frameworks for future CA18110-events (conferences, Training Schools etc.)
  • check if the dissemination materials (papers, publications, information, texts for internet or similar, etc.) are in accordance with the general COST rules (see topic 8, COST Vademecum Part 1)
  • follow the publishing policies of the project upholding the integrity of the scientific/academic record.
  • ensure that the submitted material follows the COST rules in terms of, for example, previously published material, plagiarism or the responsible of the authors for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing any previously published material
  • develop pre-submission and submission guidelines for all under publication results of the Underground4value Action and ensure their application
  • ensure that all relevant results and conclusions of the different activities in the framework of the Action are tailored and disseminated, especially to the four target groups identified in the MoU
  • provide support for WG5 in accomplishing the Underground4value dissemination strategy and the legacy plan
  • keep up to date the list of dissemination materials produced by the participants. The Head of the Editorial Board is in charge of this topic. The full list can be found online at http://underground4value.eu/publications

The Editorial Board members

  • WG1: Preston Perluss (FR)
  • WG2: Alice Tavares (PT)
  • WG3: Klodiana Gorica (AL)
  • WG4: Montserrat Pallares-Barbera (ES)
  • WG5: Renata Salvarani (IT)